MP3 Page

Any MP3's on this part of this page are origional performances
recorded and copyright Radiowave CD Entertainment and I am giving you permission to destribute them.

These are My Creations

Back Stage pass
Call Me Up
Heavens Gate Five
I Said You
I Want To Be Your Angel
I'm Gonna Love You
In Seattle
Once Is Enough
Touch Me
Tribulation Spun

These are My Versions of Other Peoples Songs

All My Lovin by The Beattles
Angel by Fleetwood Mac
Can't Buy Me Love by The Beattles
Come And See Me in the Movies by The Beattles
Come Sail Away by Styx
Dreams by Fleetwood Mac
Here Comes The Sun by The Beattles
Imagine by John Lennon
I'm Not in Love by 10CC
New Kid in Town by the Eagles
Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers
Witchy Woman by The Eagles

These are My Friends' Songs

Rick Fayette and Jerry Kirby Comedy remix of Touch Me
Paul Sings Come Sail Away
Paul Sings Come Sail Away Again

MP3 Programs

These are the Programs you may need.
Winamp MP3 Player (To listen to MP3's)
Music Match Juke Box (to RIP CD's and make MP3's)
Wave Pad (to record Audio, also makes MP3's)

MP3 Links

These are the links you have been reading about in the news.

Bit Torent
Demension Music
Ear Buzz
e folk Music
Hi Test Records
My Space
Liquid Audio
Live on the Net
Nullsoft SHOUTcast

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