16 Simple Steps to Set Up Your New Computer

I. Find a spot.

II. Clear it off

III. Decide weather you will put the computer tower on your desk or on the floor.

IV. Unpack the tower and put in a sturdy place with plenty of ventilation and no direct sunlight.

V. Unpack the Monitor and set it up on the desk.

VI. Attach the monitor’s power cord to the Monitor then to the UPS or power strip.

VII. Unpack and set up the Mouse and Keyboard.

VIII. Turn the power off from the back of the tower if it has a switch.

IX. Plug in the keyboard in the Purple Jack (this one is closest to the side of the case).

X. Plug in the mouse into the Green jack.

XI. Plug in the Video Cord into the Blue Jack.

XII. Plug in the Speakers in the Green 1/8” Jack.

XIII. Plug in the power cord into the Black Jack.

XIV. Turn on the monitor’s power switch on.

XV. Flip the tower’s power switch on the back of the tower to 1(on).

XVI. Press for only 1/2 second the power switch on the front of the computer.