Save the World

This page is dedicated to those who are dedicated to giving more than recieving, but it should also be used as a resource for those in need to help find help. Vaughn's is not a charitable organization but is providing this Links page as a free service for those in need and those looking to help.
Due to the rough times our world has come to in recent years with 911, Afganistan, Iraq, The Tsunami in SE Asia, Earthquakes in Pakistan, and Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma. I believe that our will to do good is erroding and our desensitization to events at hand maybe causing us to be exhausted toward the goodwill toward men, and this should never be.
To recommend a sight, let us know.
We must: Feed the Hundry, House the Homeless, & Help Rebuild Peoples Lives.
Filipino Bayan (Rebuild Philippines Relief Project)
Christiann Childrens Fund
City Union Mission
Crista Ministries - World Concern
Feed the Children
Red Cross