Vaughn’s Magic Boot Disk Millenium Instructions

(Before beginning, back up your personal files, you will loose all your files)

be sure to have your product ID ready

(press enter after each of the following lines).



1. A:\>FDISK (remove all partitions) option 3

2. (Press ctrl-alt-del on the computer)

3. A:\>FDISK (reinstall the partition) (Y 1 1 Y)

4. (Press ctrl-alt-del on the computer)

5. A:\>FORMAT C:

6. Y

  1. A:\>C:
  2. C:\>md win9x
  3. C:\>cd win9x
  4. Place the Windows Me disk into the CDROM drive.
  5. C:\win9x>copy d:\win9x\*.*
  6. C:\win9x>setup

(when asked use custom setup for complete installation)

Completion of drivers

After Windows Me has been reinstalled, your drivers may or may not work for your sound card, video card, and modem.

1. Right Click on the background and click the background tab.

2. Change the background to either clouds or forest, if the clouds or forest looks bad then you need to install your video driver. If they look good skip to item 4.

3. Click on the settings tab and click Advanced. Click the Adapter tab and click change. Click next twice. Check specify location and unclick all others. Click Browse and locate the correct video driver disk and directory. If you do not have the driver for your video card you may be able to locate it on the web or it may be less trouble to buy a new 3D video card.

4. Right click my computer and left click properties. Click the device manager tab. Click the plus sign next to the yellow question mark and remove each entry under the question mark. If your audio card was under the question mark, also go under the sound, video and game devices and remoive all entries for SB or Adlib. Click refresh twice and the machine will prompt you for your sound card and modem drivers. When finished, the sound card will appear as a tiny yellow speaker in the lower right hand corner. And the modem can be detecter in the modem aplet in control panel.