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High Speed DSL Internet Service starting at $29.95 per Month

For 12 years has been professionally providing DSL internet service. DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line and uses the ultrasonic frequencies far above the conversations on your telephone line. Therefore you can conveniently talk on your telephone while online at broadband speed. Vaughns DSL comes with a free wireless router to use while on the service. There are no hidden fees or miscellaneous charges on this service. You need to have real wired phone service from AT&T or one of its Baby Bells to connect to Vaughns DSL.
56K Dialup Internet Service - Only $14.95 per Month has been offering dialup service for the past 13 years. We now have over 65,000 phone numbers in the United States and Canada. With American Customer Service your never without a friend in the internet business.
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Vaughn's Computer Central
6261 N Oak Trafficway
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